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D.I.Y. Funeral Workshops
Death Without Debt is touring these workshops throughout N.Z.

If you are interested in:

                                     attending a workshop

                                     hosting a workshop

                                     training to run workshops

email   (subject line: workshops)

About the Workshops

Learn about end of life planning and care.

Gain the know how to bypass the funeral industry's professional service fees and run an affordable and dignified funeral.

The average cost of a N.Z. funeral is $10 000.  Depending on whether you use cremation or burial, that's up to ten times more than you need to spend.

This workshop combines short slide presentations with sessions where you start taking practical steps to plan end of life care and avoid funeral debt - for yourself, your family and friends.

Learn about:

  • Wills, Enduring Power of Attourney, Advance care planning

  • Negotiating the paperwork system.

  • Care and transport of the body.

  • When you need a coffin and when you can use stretchers and cremation boards

  • The pros and cons of cremation vs burial.  New ecological methods.

  • The politics and history of funerals.

  • Community initiatives, collective action, support and reform.

  • And much more.

$50 for subscribers.   $60 regular.   
Email us about hardship scholarships

Melanie Humphries-Connolly
(End of life doula and registered nurse).  Mel has a background in palliative care and is co-facilitator of the Hutt Valley Death Cafe which provides a friendly space for conversations around dying, death and living.

Fergus Wheeler (Convenor, Death Without Debt) combines practical experience of organising affordable funerals with an understanding of the obstacles our public servants put in our way.

ost: $60 or $50 for subscribers (go to front page of website). 

Facing financial hardship?  Just let us know and you can come for free or for a koha.


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