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Three principles

By Right, Ordinary People  should be able to negotiate pre-cremation and burial paperwork requirements without being forced, by the system or practitioner neglect, into dependency on the private business sector.  Under the current system, the public have, effectively, no option but to engage funeral directors. This is resulting in disturbing levels of debt.

Doctors’ Conduct  Should Align With The Caring Values of the Medical Profession.  The gradual erosion of after-death care has happened slowly, collectively, and unconsciously.  Correcting this requires a conscious decision by the medical profession to stop doing harm and start providing proper duty of care in the after-death setting.  It only takes two minutes.  All families should have the pre-cremation or pre-burial paperwork completed for them.  Families (or whoever is taking charge of the body) should also be provided with the information necessary to make informed choices about the pre-disposal and funeral process so they can stay out of debt.

Individuals,  Families  and Communities  need to take responsibility for staying out of financial trouble.  This will mean a shift away from the idea that one must literally “pay” one’s respects, to more modest cultural practices. Moving away from dependence on the funeral industry is an important step in achieving community well-being.

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