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Join the Campaign

New_Zealand_Bellbird symbol of Death Without Debt NZ
  • Strength is in numbers, so please show your support by subscribing.  It's free.

  • Grow our campaign by getting word out. We have pamphlets, posters and stickers which you can order or print yourself.   Stick these on your fridge, work and community notice boards, your car and so on.  And of course, if you use social media . . .  thanks.     

  • Volunteer   

  • Donate  

  • Talk to your doctor, nurses and their staff.  Give them our pamphlet for medical professionals.  Their understanding and support is key.

  • Email or visit your MP and your local Council and tell them why you want all the Ten Steps to be addressed.

  • Get your community on board.   Are you a member of a club or committee, a church, a sports club?  Do you have any connections to Age Concern, Hospice, Unions, Poverty Action Groups?  If so, engage them so they can come aboard this campaign.

  • Tell us your stories, the good, and the bad, so we can present an accurate, well researched picture of what is happening out there in funeral-land. 

If you are a doctor, nurse, social worker, or budget advisor, your support is particularly important.  Please get in touch by emailing

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