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Media Coverage

Preliminary Note:   The original Stuff media coverage of the funeral of Betty Wheeler contained ten key points, nine of which were fabricated by journalist, Benn Bathgate (as spelt).  Bathgate's article caused enormous emotional and reputational damage to Betty Wheeler's family and friends.   Neither Stuff nor Benn Bathgate have ever apologised.  Bathgate still holds his job at the Rotorua Daily Mail.

Press Release
June 2024
Death Without Debt Tours Funeral Workshops through NZ

Radio New Zealand "Summer" program,  January 2024

Death Without Debt convenor talks about the need for changes to the official systems so people can afford to die.

Radio NZ News, January 2024

News article following "Summer" interview.  "The problem is with the public servants who are refusing to do their job.   Funeral directors are just doing what business people do.

TVNZ "Sunday" Program 2023

Hard hitting and emotional documentary on the human cost of a funeral system overseen by public servants who are failing to protect the public.

The Spinoff     August 2023

"New Zealand has been in a cost of dying crisis for decades."

Scoop and Stuff   August 2022

120 Coffins delivered to Parliament.  Labour ignores the event.


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