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Everyone in New Zealand
has the right to an affordable and dignified funeral process


Help us put things right.

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NZ average funeral bill

NZ average funeral bill

NZ average funeral bill

NZ average funeral bill


Kia ora

Official paperwork requirements are forcing people into the funeral industry's business model and are derailing the D.I.Y. and home funeral movement.

The fix is simple: doctors ought to be doing the paperwork - it takes a mere minutes.

This simple step will:

Cut red tape

Finally allow the D.I.Y. funeral movement to flourish

Make funerals cheaper for everyone as the D.I.Y. movement starts providing the industry with serious competition

Remove much of the funeral industry's professional mystique and their ability to charge steep "professional" service fees for simple paperwork.

Help curb predatory behaviour on the part of the funeral industry.

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Dignified DIY

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NZ average funeral bill

NZ average funeral bill

Death Without Debt's work is supported by:
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Community Law logo Free legal help throughout Aotearoa
The Salvation Army logo
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Our campaign is supported by:

Recycling for Charity,

Community Law,

The Salvation Army,

The Aotearoa/NZ Assocation of Social Workers,

Wellington Catholic Diocese Social Justice Committee. 

Waikanae Baptist Op-Shop (grant)

Contact us to add your organisation's support.


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